Jones Brings Up His Genitals In Latest War of Words With Gustafsson

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has decided to weigh-in on the recent social media war between reigning champion Daniel Cormier and former title holder Alexander Gustafsson. In his most recent heated social media response, “Bones” Jones offered a rather graphic retort.

“The Mauler” is seemingly growing quite anxious to fight for the title once more. Speaking on the podcast Joe Rogan Experience, the fighter offered some critical words over Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones before calling out the fighters.

Taking to Twitter, Cormier decided to fire back.

“Alex, what exactly have you accomplished in your career? I’ve earned the right to retire on top. Your greatest accomplishment is two close losses. Congrats on the new contract, now go fight. It’s been two years. Enough with the social media. #gofight”

Jon Jones would later take his heated rival’s side in roasting Gustafsson.

“I don’t even like DC and I enjoyed this. Too funny Alex bring all your tough guy shit to the championship rounds next time”

However, Gustafsson offered a heated message of his own.

“coming from u man.. being tough is going true the champ rounds without the ‘good stuff’ now step up and I’ll show u!!”

Jon Jones then offered a series of heated retorts to his former opponent.

“Brilliant come back, just what I expected from you. I guess shogun, rampage, Bader etc. could all use the same excuse now too. Do you look yourself in the mirror and call yourself champ now that “I cheated”

“Please tell me you convinced yourself that I was on steroids during our fight please tell me you convinced yourself I was ever on steroids”

Finally, Jones decided to reference his own genitals in a fiery comeback to the fighter.

“The only ‘good stuff’ I used to send you packing was my big old American balls. Try spending a little more time here, maybe you’ll learn a thing or two”

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