Mayweather’s Crew Says UFC Fighters On Some “B*tch Shit” For Pressing Charges On Conor McGregor

Not everyone is a fan of a snitch, especially a professional fighter snitch who calls the cops on a fellow fighter.

That’s exactly what’s going on in the UFC universe this week, after Conor McGregor’s recent assault on a UFC transport bus.

UFC fighters Mike Chiesa and Ray Borg both suffered injuries during McGregor’s tirade, which resulted in them filing charges, and are now expected to sue the UFC star.

A judge has already granted them a restraining order against Conor McGregor.

Under normal circumstances this would be widely accepted. However, two men who know Conor McGregor well, the bodyguards of Floyd Mayweather have decided to take issue with their pursuit for justice, calling it “Bitch shit” for getting protective orders and pressing charges.

Here’s their full reaction to the McGregor saga: