Football Players Or Wrestlers? Nick Diaz Reveals Who Fights Better

Nick Diaz is a mixed martial arts veteran. A former Strikeforce and WEC champion, Diaz has taken on some of the toughest and most talented fighters that the sport has to offer over his years of competition.

As a UFC superstar, Diaz has put on a series of fights that have each earned a special place in the history books among some of the sport’s most intense battles. Now the mixed martial arts phenom has decided to offer his thoughts as to which background may earn a budding fighter a better shot at super-stardom, wrestling or football?

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Diaz offered his thoughts on the matter:

“You know what, football players, they actually do best in MMA. A lot of times, you get a lot of wrestlers, and they get into the whole thing, and they’re very one-dimensional. They develop a lot of bad habits.”

Check out Diaz’s full thoughts on the matter within the video below:

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