Report: WWE Expected To Make Ronda Rousey Their Face And World Champion ASAP

Former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has successfully transitioned into the world of professional wrestling. Now it would appear that the trailblazing mixed martial artist may be on the fast track to becoming the entertainment organizations new champion.

Ronda Rousey put on a stunning performance on her WWE pay-per-view debut at WrestleMania 34. Since then, reigning Raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax has already called out the former UFC title holder.

Now the fighter turned professional wrestler is set to battle Nia Jax fpr the belt on June 17. A new rumor claims that the WWE is setting up Rousey to be the new champion.

Here is the original report from Middle Easy:

“With Ronda Rousey’s first WWE title match set for June 17th, expect the former UFC champion to appear on Raw even more. Too popular of celebrity to be in an under card feud right now, the WWE feels Rousey is ready to be a champion as well as one of the face’s of the brand heading into the summer.”

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