Team Diaz Confirms Nick Is Back In Training, Would Like To See The Tyron Woodley Fight

UFC super star Nick Diaz has been off suspension for 12 days now, and the running rumor is that he’s looking to return to UFC action.

However, no word from Diaz has emerged on the subject, and no fight announcements have come down the pipe.

In an update from one of the highest ranking members of the Stockton based fight team, Jake Shields told ‘The MMA Hour’ this week that both Nick and Nate could potentially return to the Octagon soon.

Shields also confirmed that Nick has returned to training, finally, and that as a teammate, he’d prefer Nick Diaz fight Tyron Woodley.

Here’s Shields’ remarks:

“I think (Nick) will fight again soon. He’s been training a little bit. I haven’t been out there (in California), but I’m pretty sure he’s been training a decent amount. I would love to see him fight again. He hasn’t been training as much, but he’s still in good shape and can comeback fast.

“Nick is a hard person to predict. Only Nick knows what he will do. But if I had to guess, I’ll say that he fights again.”

“I think (Alvarez) is a good fight as well, but it’s hard to think it sells as well though. Nate’s certainly not afraid of anyone, and I personally would love to see that fight, but I’m not sure if that’s going to sell great, so that’s something Nate would have to think about.

“Tyron Woodley and him, they were talking about putting something together at one point. It’s interesting, I think they were close to coming to terms but it didn’t quite work out. I would actually rather see Nick get that Woodley fight, that’s what I would really like to see.”