Despite Fighter Outcry, Dana White Insistent On Moving Weigh-Ins Back To Afternoons

UFC President Dana White recently revealed that he plans on moving the morning weigh-ins back to the afternoon following a largely increased number of missed weights. Despite fighter outcry to keep the weigh-ins in the morning, Dana White has decided to power through with the decision.

Ever since Dana White announced the return of afternoon weigh-ins, fighters have been coming forward in protest of the decision. Still, at the UFC 225 Post-Fight Press Conference, Dana White claimed that the UFC roster is largely in favor of the decision.

“Believe me, we’ve studied it. The numbers don’t lie. We’ve talked to fighters. A ton of fighters want to go back to 4 o’clock (weigh-ins), and there’s a lot of fighters that don’t.”

When asked which fighters were asked or how the survey was taken, Dana White refused to respond. Still, the UFC President claims that the decision is a representation of the roster’s wishes.

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