Intense Corner Transcripts From Saturday’s Romero vs. Whittaker II Fight Released

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) hosted another stunning night of fights over the weekend. Now a transcript from the night’s main card has made its way to the internet.

UFC 225 took place inside the United Center in Chicago, Illinois on Saturday, June 9. Headlining the night’s card, Yoel Romero went toe-to-toe with reigning UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker.

Romero missed weight for the fight, forcing the night’s main event to be a non-title fight. The two mixed martial artists battled it out in an octagon war that made it all five rounds, putting on a show that had the Chicago crowd on their feet.

In the end, Whittaker earned a split decision victory over his opponent. Now a transcript from the fight has been revealed. Check it out below:

[R3 begins. 5:00]

Voice 1: walk him onto it Rob, that’s it, walk him onto it! (this is said as Romero lunges forward and Bobby tosses a side kick to Romero’s knee)

V1: good work, good work, push him down, move out

Voice 2: Punt / push the head x 4

[Bobby lands his lunging left jab and the crowd roars in approval. The crowd’s adulation is real loud from the corner audio its q incredible. Then Romero counters his left push kick with a lightning 1-2 and the madness begins]

V2: Move MOVE move MOVE!! MOVE ROBBAY MOVE! MOVE ROBAY MOVE! MOVE! MOVE! Go to the cage, Rrrobbay. Chu the cage, Robbay. Very good, move Robbay!

[All this while, ‘Robbay’ is not actually moving to the cage, but is embracing Romero’s bronzed thigh with much gusto]

V2: move (x1000, and this time it works because Robbay reaches the cage)

V2: He’s gonna go in side trip Robbay. Move move move movemovemoveRobbay


V2: BREEATHE BREEATHE (Romero presses Bob against the cage)

V1: Out of the cage Rob

V2: OWT OF DA CAGE ROBBAY. Let’s move, right foot, let’s move! Deep, deep breath, underhook!

V1: Move out Rob, move out


V2: He’s gone / on his way out Rob, BREATHE

V1: Move out move out

Voice 3: Godda get his head

[2:40, Bobby does a Beyblade and lands a spinning elbow, the crowd growls in appreciation]

V2: Underhook… halfway…

V1: Deep underhook Rob


[2:21, Rob knees Romero. It’s not very effective]

V1: There you go Robby!

V2: Let’s break an move break an move


V3: Knee Rob knee

[2:00, Rob lands a beautiful head kick that Romero partially parries and partially.. absorbs]

V2: This one and he’s done Robby! Move move MOVE! From the cage Robby move move move! Light feet Robby!

V1: Good job Rob on the jab!!

V2: Jab!! Jab and move!

V1: Right underhook Rob!

V2: Move Robby! Move! Min and a half!

[1:30 – Romero is flurrying against Rob on the cage, this is actually really nice to rewatch because Rob’s high guard keeps out most of the hooks, but when Rob dips to land a left body kick his hands drop – and that’s when Romero’s right hook lands, though Rob recovers. Romero then goes for an uppercut to get under Rob’s guard, but Rob’s hen moomen saves him. After a brief exchange, Rob then stumble-jogs off]

V2: Move Move MOve! Light feet Robby!!! Move move move!

V1: Move Rob!!

[1:16 – another wonderful sequence by Rob, he re-takes center, sets his feet, then lands a lunging left jab while bringing his right hand up to trap Romero’s left forearm before landing a headkick with his left foot]


[Romero gets a bodylock]

V2: Don’t go down Robbay don’t go down!!

V2: Back to the cage back to the cage Robby!

[Robby does goes down but near the cage, which is an ok compromise I guess]

V1: Come on Rob!

V2: Thirty seKONDS!! Thirty seconds!!!



New grizzly voice: Rest up man!

[Round ends]

V2: Just gonna ledda he rest ok nice stretches.. its a war

Aussie accent: j-j-j-just get back and rest, get back to his boxing yeah.

V2: Sit down. Sit down. Big breaths. Just big breaths. Mouthguard. Mouthguard. Deep breaths. Deep. He blow his load now. We just gonna let you rest. You feel it man you gonna recover you will he blow all his load now. Deep breath deep deep deep deepa.

Whittaker: I’m finding it hard to move cos my right hand’s busted

V2: Elbow. Elbow. Elbow. Elbow. Right elbow. He’s gone now. Boxing him boxing him. Deep deep deepa. Deep breath. He’s gone man. He’s gone.

[R4 begins]

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