Watch 71 Year Old Sylvester Stallone Train For The New Rocky Movie

Hollywood superstar Sylvester Stallone has put on quite the career within the film industry. That being said, at 71-years-old, the actor and film maker is showing now signs of slowing down.

Stallone’s popularity rose with the release of the Rambo and Rocky franchises. While the Rambo franchise seems to have been laid to rest, the Rocky series is still ongoing.

Stallone captured the hearts and minds of athletes and film lovers across the globe with his role as Rocky Balboa. Now the filmmaker is gearing up for the release of Creed 2, the latest in the franchise.

The film is set to focus on the son of previous Rocky antagonist Ivan Drago and the son of Apollo Creed. The movie is set to be released Nov. 21, 2018.

Now a video of Sylvester Stallone training to get in shape for his part in the film has made its way to the internet. Check it out above.

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