“Rumble”Johnson Responds To Alleged Stalker Accusing Him Of Victimizing Women

Former UFC light heavyweight title challenger Anthony Johnson has been accused of victimizing women by an alleged stalker. Now “Rumble” has come forward with a statement.

Anthony Johnson first took to Twitter to claim that he has a “real stalker.”

“Well since I have a real stalker, how about next time be accurate with what I’m doing… Taking picture’s of my ride,emailing me, and leaving a note on the car doesn’t do anything. That’s D level kiddy stuff… Step your game up and come and get me!”

From there, an Instagram user under the name “anthonyrumble.thetruthonhim” has since come forward to claim that Anthony Johnson does not have a stalker. Rather, that “Rumble” is being messaged by a “group of women that have been victimized” by the former title challenger.

Now Anthony Johnson has taken to Instagram with a new message on the matter. Check it out below:

“Report and block this clown plz Told you that I had a stalker and IT is back. I’m keeping this up for 1 day and will delete this post because it’s not worth my energy! Sending request to my actually friends isn’t a smart thing to do or to random ppl idk cuz it will always come back to me. Thank you to my all my fans, friend’s, and family for your help. Plz take a screenshot of any request or statements from this profile and send to my DM as we have some things in the work’s”

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