‘I’m going to smash Cowboy and take his boat’

UFC welterweight Mike Perry climbing the ranks.

Set for a classic teammate vs. teammate showdown, fan favorite UFC welterweight fighters Donald Cerrone and Mike Perry have agreed to face off in the UFC Fight Night 139 co-main event, on November 10.

In a fight where there is expected to be no animosity, Mike Perry is still hitting the media rounds heavy with threats aimed towards “Cowboy”.

In a new interview with Submission Radio, Mike Perry stated,

“Let’s get this money. Let’s go. The guy was kind to me but the UFC does what they want. He took me out shooting guns, he took me out surfing on his boat, it was really nice of the guy. Now he’s probably like, ‘Wow, look at this asshole, he’s gonna come try and fight me now and take everything I work for.’ But he’s had all this, all this money, all this time, and we in the fight business so I’m trying to get that. I’m trying to get a damn boat too! So if you got that money, you got that notoriety, I’m gotta get it. I’m trying to come take it so I can get me a boat so I can go surfing when I want.”

Here’s Mike’s entire interview for those interested: