Jose Aldo Insists That He’s The Brazilian Fan Favorite, Not Anderson Silva

Fresh off a much needed win over Jeremy Stephens, former UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo just set the record straight on who Brazil’s biggest MMA star is.

It’s easy to confuse who is top dog in Brazil with fighters the likes of Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, all the Nogueira’s, and more…

But, in this new interview, courtesy MMAFighting, Jose Aldo proclaims himself the king of Brazil.

Check it out:

“In Brazilian MMA, it’s possible. I think I can be considered the biggest today because everybody is stopping and others are coming up. Today I think Aldo has the strongest name. Like I always said, I respect everybody, but this is the moment. Man, I’m happy for the love I receive, the millions of messages of love I receive. That motivates me to train hard and keep winning and going for the top.”