Nick Newell Responds To Dana White’s Decision To Keep Him Out Of The UFC

Nick Newell has spent a lifetime proving his doubters wrong, and now he’ll have to do the same with UFC president Dana White.

That’s because, on Tuesday the UFC president revealed his final decision on Newell’s UFC chances, stating, “I respect that kid very much. Obviously that’s why I gave him an opportunity. I just always believed that the UFC was a tough place for Nick. This is a tough place with two arms and two legs. This is the real deal.

“I put him in the Contender Series to see if he could make it to the UFC. He didn’t make it.”

Now Newell has taken the time to pen his response to these remarks.

Check it out:

Tons of people lost on TUF & bounced back great. Dillashaw, Pettis, Shogun, Lesnar & Condit all lost their UFC debuts & ended up winning titles. Theres wilder shit in this world then a one handed guy competing w/ elite in MMA. I will prove I belong.