The Bromance Is Real, Perry Buys Same Outfit As Till

UFC welterweights Darren Till and Mike Perry have been making headlines as of late. The two talented mixed martial artists recently decided to test their skills in a sparring session.

Mike Perry and Darren Till both compete within the same division. However, the two fighters were seemingly not deterred from facing each other in the gym.

Perry and Till have each shown their respect for each other since the sparring session, seemingly budding to a positive relationship between the two. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has event commented on the matter over the promotion’s official Instagram account.

“The bromance we’ve always wanted.”

The bromance we've always wanted. ? (Via TW-BranHolloway)

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In another post from the UFC, Mike Perry can be seen wearing the same outfit as Darren Till from the previous UFC social media post. Check it out.

“Which @PlatinumMikePerry are you this weekend?”

Which @PlatinumMikePerry are you this weekend?

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