UFC Fight Pass Fighter Catches Girlfriend Cheating, Films Everything

Mixed martial artist T.J. Laramie is an up and coming mixed martial artist with 11 total professional fights under his name. Now the 20-year-old fighter has gone to social media to share a video that is now taking the internet by storm.

T.J. Laramie most recently faced off against Alex Morgan at TKO MMA. Laramie ultimately suffered a first round TKO loss.

As a competitor for the TKO series, Laramie has been featured on the live UFC Fight Pass broadcast. That being said, the mixed martial artist has now decided to draw attention to something outside of his budding fighting career.

Taking to Twitter, Laramie has come forward to claim that his girlfriend allegedly cheated on him. The fighter then filmed himself confronting his girlfriend on the matter.

Check it out below.

“Lmao my girlfriend just cheated on me in real life”

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