UFC Vet Dean Lister Catches Home Invader, Films Confrontation With Cellphone

While crossing paths with a home invader in the middle of the night is often a terrifying experience for those placed in the dangerous situation, it would appear that mixed martial arts veteran and former UFC fighter Dean Lister handled the situation with ease. Now details concerning the recent incident have been revealed.

Dean Lister is a former King Of The Cage champion, a former UFC fighter and a former assistant coach on The Ultimate Fighter series. With all that in mind, Lister has faced off against some serious tough and talented opponents throughout his storied career within the sport of MMA.

As reported by ABC 10, Dean Lister recently confronted an alleged home invader in the middle of the night. The individual was wearing nothing but a pair of boxers when he entered Lister’s home.

Lister recorded the incident on his phone. Once the alleged intruder realized he was being recorded, the man picked up a nearby hammer.

Dean Lister revealed that the individual asked if he has any meth before picking up the hammer. After realizing that the individual had the hammer, Lister then reportedly grabbed a nearby gun and asked the man to leave.

The individual then exited the home from the same window he entered from. Check it out within the video provided below.

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