McGregor Cancels Trip To Vegas, As UFC Still Awaits First Pre-Fight Media

We’re a month away from UFC 229, and the highly anticipated UFC return of Conor McGregor, and there’s still no pre-fight media ahead of what’s being called the biggest fight in UFC history.

Part of the fun of a McGregor event is that the UFC star puts on an unprecedented amount of pre-fight entertainment together way ahead of any bout.

This time though, after a two-year absence from the UFC, Conor McGregor has reportedly refused all media requests by the UFC, and despite being scheduled to round out his training camp in Las Vegas, now reports are that he’s skipping that too.

The UFC expected Conor McGregor in Las Vegas by this point, and were looking to schedule media obligations, including the first pre-fight staredown, around his time in Nevada.

Now though, according to multiple inside sources, McGregor will not be leaving Ireland until just before fight night.

Stay tuned…