Bisping And GSP Have Another Run-In … “F*ck Off! F*ck Off!” Says GSP, As Bisping Charges Him

It is getting crazy in Toronto. Georges St. Pierre and Michael Bisping have been going at it for months now but only have a few weeks left before their title fight at UFC 217.

“It’s much different. I got a lot more tools in my arsenal. I’ve been working on different things,” St-Pierre said to SI. “If he’s expecting me the same as I was, it’s a big mistake on his part. I’m going to come out, and I want to shock the world. I’m the challenger. I’m not the champion this time. So I have to take the fight to him. I have to expect that if I’m going to a decision, and the fight is close, it’s not going to go my way. So I’m going to go there, and I’m going to put everything I have to finish him, fight like there’s no tomorrow.”

TMZ has gotten ahold of some footage of a Bisping and GSP run in, this time on the streets. As Bisping charges at Georges, the former UFC welterweight champion uncharacteristically starts cussing at Bisping.

It’s a very heated confrontation, one filled with insults, curse words and threats.

Check it out:

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