With Edgar Out, Holloway Ready To Rematch McGregor Or Fight Tony Ferguson In UFC 218 Headliner

It was recently reported that former UFC champion Frankie Edgar has been pulled from his UFC 218 main event title fight against featherweight champion Max Holloway. Edgar was removed from the match up due to an injury. Now Holloway has come forward to reveal that he is willing to take on whichever fighter steps up to the plate to replace the former champion.

Brian Butler-Au, manager to the featherweight champion, recently posted over Instagram:

“When you become the champ the right way, the division is cleaned out… Choices are limited but we’ll fight anyone. Cub, Ortega, Ferguson, Conor… we’re just waiting on the call. Respect to @frankieedgar who truly deserved this fight and wishing him a speedy recovery. #blessedera #ufc218 #represented
#Repost @blessedmma

“Injuries are part of this fight game. Frankies the man. Wish him a speedy recovery. Detroit, you guys are a bunch of tough mfers. I met many of you last month when we visited. You guys deserve the best fight card of the year and youre still gonna get it. I’m fighting no matter what. Santa is still coming early to Detroit, so get ready. Malice in the palace part 2 if we have to. I’ll see you soon.”

Max Holloway first faced off against Conor McGregor at UFC Fight Night 26 back in 2013. The two MMA warriors went the distance, but “Notorious” ultimately earned a unanimous decision victory over his opponent. Now it would appear that Holloway is ready for a rematch against the UFC lightweight champion. Of course, UFC interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson is another fighter on the featherweight champion’s list. “El Cucuy” earned his interim title with a swift victory over Kevin Lee.

All of that in mind, it would appear that Holloway may be facing off against Jose Aldo for a rematch, as the two fighters have reached a verbal agreement. The fight has yet to be officially announced.

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