Matt Hughes Believes The UFC Has Taken The Wrong Path, Best Days Are Behind Them

UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes has put on a storied career in the world of mixed martial arts. The fighter is a two-time former UFC welterweight champion with victories over some of the toughest competitors to ever grace the division. That in mind, Hughes has since hung up his gloves and retired to other things.

Speaking on Undeniable with Joe Buck, Hughes broke down his opinion that the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has become “too commercial.”

“I think its too commercial.” He said. “They have fights darn near every week. I am so happy that the timing worked out for me when I fought when I did. I really think that I fought in the golden ages.”

For the fighter’s full thoughts, check out the video below:

Matt Hughes’ first competition in the UFC was at UFC 22, back in 1999. The fighter ended his career at UFC 135 in 2011, after suffering a first round knockout loss to Josh Koscheck.

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