Dana White Just Banned An Entire Race Of People From EVER Fighting In The UFC

Well, it would appear that the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has decided to go all out this time. Rather the UFC locked in a sponsorship agreement or not, this may go down as one of the more unexpected moves from the organization. However, Dana White always has something interesting to say.

Hollywood superstar Will Smith is set to lead in a new Netflix Original film titled Bright. This time around, Smith will be playing a veteran police officer. The twist is that Smith’s partner is an orc, as the film takes place within a fantastical universe filled with elves, fairies and the like. While it is not yet known why the world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion seemingly earned a sponsorship deal for the film, the UFC has decided to put together a short clip in promotion for the upcoming movie.

In the video below, the UFC goes all out. Commentary from Joe Rogan, UFC legend Matt Serra and the UFC president himself all get featured in the short clip. During the video, an orc explains that he hopes to one day compete inside the octagon. When asked about the possibility in a scripted faux media scrum, UFC President Dana White says “Never.” Apparently, White is not into fictional Tolkien-esk characters fighting under the promotion. Check out the video down below:

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