Daniel Cormier Wants In WWE’s Royal Rumble After Upcoming Title Fight

UFC light-heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier is looking to fulfill a dream by competing in the WWE Royal Rumble 2018.

Of course, D.C. has his hands full with Volkan Oezdemir at UFC 220, but according to D.C. the timing of his title fight works out perfectly for his inclusion in the epic pro-wrestling event.

D.C. recently caused a stir in the pro-wrestling world with some recent criticism. However, in the same breath he admitted to being an avid fan of the entertaining sport.

Now, in a new interview with SportsIllustrated, D.C. drops the dime on his wish to be included in the next Royal Rumble.

Check it out:

“I wish I could be in the Royal Rumble this year. I don’t think they will invite me, but fighting against Oezdemir in Boston works for me, timewise. My fight is in January, which opens up WrestleMania for me this New Orleans–not to compete, but to go.”

With a background in competitive wrestling and a former Team U.S.A. Captain, Cormier has the right pedigree to make an impact in the WWE ranks. But, will they have him?

As for D.C.’s recent viral anti-pro-wrestling comments. Here’s what he said about the sport earlier this week when taking sides with fellow UFC competitor Chase Sherman.

“Grown men watch this.”

Cormier took to Twitter to offer his thoughts on the wrestling match.

“@philbaroni this is actually pathetic. This is what people wanna see? Go to a god dang gymnastics competition. Suplex, bodyslam, piledriver do some old school wrestling man. DDT, I remember when the frankensteiner was the most you’d ever see someone flip. I say Boo to this BS”

Former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes, son of wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes, decided to butt heads with the UFC light heavyweight champion over the matter.

“It’s not pathetic. The paying audience enjoyed it. UFC is thriving, and pro-wrestling has been going strong since 1920…besides most of y’all ask hunter for a job when the wheels fall off anyway and most are on the comp list at staples…so lay the fuck off.”

However, Cormier was quick to shoot back with a response.

“I do ask for comps, I am a fan, I didn’t say anything about anything but that sequence of the match. Just be very careful bud! I’ve been a fan of urs too but be very careful. Lay off the cuss words it’s not that serious. And I won’t need a job. I’ll be good.”

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