Dustin Poirier Wraps Two Christmas Presents For Eddie Alvarez

UFC lightweight Dustin Poirier has been looking for a rematch with former champion Eddie Alvarez ever since their final fight was turned into a no contest. Now the fighter has decided to take to social media to let the former title holder know that he has a gift waiting for him.

Poirier and Alvarez first faced off at UFC 211 earlier this year. Poirier appeared to holding his own against the former champion, having dished out some serious damage to the fighter in the first round. However, the fight was brought to a stop in the second round. Alvarez landed a series of illegal knees to the head of his opponent. As a result, the fight was turned into a no contest. Poirier has been hunting for a rematch ever since.

While a rematch has yet to be announced, Poirier still has a message for his former opponent. Taking to Twitter, the fighter stated:

“Took my time today and wrapped your Christmas presents nice @Ealvarezfight”

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