Kailin Curran’s Coach Recommends She Drop Back Down to Minor Leagues

UFC strawweight Kailin Curran is on a tough losing streak in her mixed martial arts career at the moment. The fighter suffered a a unanimous decision loss to Xiaonan Yan at UFC Fight Night 122, putting the fighter on a tough four fight losing streak. Curran is now 4-6 as a professional fighter. Now Curran’s boxing coach, Jason Parillo, has come forward to reveal his thoughts on the matter.

Speaking to MMA Junkie, Parillo explained that he believes the fighter is “learning on the job.”

“With Kailin I know the uphill battle she’s been battling. I’ve been helping her out. They haven’t done Kailin Curran any favors. … She has been put in this position. It’s not been by my choice, but at the end of the day she’s learning on the job. If you ask me about Kailin Curran, she’s still green. I tell her all the time. It’s no offense to her. She’s learning on the job, unfortunately.

“We all learn on the job, but we learn in the amateurs, we learn in the low-level pros, and we learn on the job to get better. She’s learning on the highest platform that there is, and she’s learning against the best girls in her division. She’s green. I think she’s turned a corner. I think she turned a corner her last fight.”

The coach then revealed that he is torn on the subject, but considers Curran going to the Invicta FC promotion may be her best bet.

“I kind of wanted her to go to Invicta, but it’s kind of hard. She has a decent contract financially with the UFC. You’re going to take a huge pay cut, and if that’s the only way you’re making money it can become a difficult thing. I’m hoping that’s kind of the direction. I would like to see that happen. I would like to help her get control of her career a little bit.

“Kailin’s running around without a manager right now, and that’s like going to court without a lawyer. That’s kind of why she’s stuck in these positions where she’s fighting 7-0 girls and strong girls and bigger girls and girls that the promotion’s trying to develop, and she’s just out there being kind of a stepping stone.”

Parillo finished his thoughts on the matter by adding:

“She’s definitely got heart, and she’s got all the skills in the world. Her mind hasn’t caught up yet, and that’s experience.”

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