Move Over McGregor, Chris Weidman Beat Up Some Gangsters Too

UFC superstar Conor McGregor has been making headlines as of late for allegedly getting into a physical altercation with members of the Irish organized crime group known as the Kinahan gang. That being said, it would appear that former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman has been having run ins of his own.

Chris Weidman answers questions in post-fight press conference

Writing his own blog post for, Weidman recalled a time earlier in his career when the fighter was at a club with UFC light heavyweight Gian Villante and the two men had an altercation with some “wannabe gangsters.”

“I was maybe 2-0 as a pro, and Villante and I were at a club with some friends, when some major juiceheads walked in,” Weidman wrote.

“These three guys were real wannabe gangsters, wearing big chains, dressed up like pretend drug dealers or something. But they were big dudes, like 6’4,” 270, and they started stone-facing everyone, shouldering people as they took a lap to circle around the club.

“I ran outside and see these other guys are in their car, talking crap to Villante. VIllante looks way tougher than me, he looks way scarier than me, so these guys won’t get out of their car, but they’re just talking [expletive]. Finally, one guy ends up saying “alright, let’s go around the block.”

Chris Weidman and his father celebrating a big win

“So Villante decides to open up the back door and get in the car with the three juiceheads, and they got all mad. Still, they didn’t get out of the car and try to fight him. Of course, as soon as I opened my mouth, once, the biggest one of them all stormed out of his car and comes right for me.

“So the biggest wannabe of them all runs over to me and throws an overhand right. It was clear as day, slow motion, the most typical punch you can throw.

“He threw the punch and I just covered up. Then, I went for an underhook, and I knee picked him down to the ground. As I knee picked him, he pulled my shirt, and now he’s on his back and I’m just standing over him. Instead of throwing punches to a grounded opponent, I just started slapping him around a bit: backhand, slap across the face, backhand, into my forehand. I even gave him a noogie and just laughed; the bouncers eventually pulled me off, but everyone was laughing by now.”

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