Referee Stops Fight, Declares A Winner Without A Finish, In Worst Ref Mistake Of 2017

In regional scene action, an MMA referee made the worst mistake of the year. The referee decided to halt a fight, and declare a winner, without an actual finish taking place.

The bout took place earlier this year at the inaugural Battlefield FC event, between Youssef Wehbe and Jorge Patino.

The two fighters were putting on an entertaining back and forth show for fight fans in attendance. However the referee decided the call an audible, and make up his own rules for the fight game.

In the video, you can clearly see a submission hold being placed on Wehbe, but Patino never secured it to the point where his opponent tapped. Instead the ref jumped in and called the fight, declaring Patino the winner.

It was a horrible mistake, and we have yet to find a worse blunder in 2017 than this one.

Enjoy the video:

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