Well Respected UFC Fighter Calls Gabi Garcia A Joke To The Sport Of MMA, Calls For Fight To Be Cancelled

In what is now a controversial match up, the 6 foot 2 inch tall and 237 pound Gabi Garcia is set to take on 162 pound, 53 year old Shinobi Kandori. Now, at least one highly respected UFC fighter is speaking out on what he calls a mockery of the sport. In fact he’s calling for the fight to be cancelled.

Gabi Garcia is a legit heavyweight, taking on an elderly Judoka who is a legit lightweight fighter, though she hasn’t fought since 2000. The two are set to face off in the final round of the Rizn World Grand Prix 2017.

And despite Rizin President Nobuyuki Sakakibara initially saying he would not let the fight go on, he had a change of heart. So their scheduled fight will go on as planned.

For the mathematically challenged, the numbers show that Garcia holds a 75 pound weight advantage over her opponent. We haven’t seen such a weight disparity on combat since the early days of the UFC, when there were no weight classes.

It does feel kind of wrong, and UFC’s Evan Dunham is the first man in line to call it what it is.

Taking to Twitter, the UFC lightweight speaks out on the fight, which is now set to go down in just a few hours.

He stated,

“Please stop making a joke of our sport. This is so wrong and so many levels.” – Evan Dunham


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