Sexy Ladies! Cris Cyborg And BFF Gabi Garcia Get Dolled Up For A Night Out

Girls will be girls, and MMA BFFs Gabi Garcia and Cris Cyborg are free to do as they wish, even if that means slathering on the make up, rocking some cute dresses, and hitting the town.

Gabi Garcia is the most famous female heavyweight fighter on the planet today. And despite missing weight by a staggering 26 pounds, forcing her year end bout at Rizin MMA to get cancelled, the BJJ mega-star is still a force to be reckoned with.

The same can be said about Cris Cyborg. The UFC featherweight champion is in a class of her own. The baddest woman on the planet, no female has been able to withstand the raw power she possesses for well over a decade.

But even these ferocious young ladies get dolled up from time to time and go out and have fun.

Check it out:

“Thank you all my team cyborg, sponsors and fans amazing time together! Im really thankful @rayelbe for Make everything happens perfect!”

VIP Gabi and Cyborg.

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