Chuck Liddell Caught In Big Brother House, Discussing A Comeback For $500,000.00

Chuck Liddell is a legend in the sport of mixed martial arts. A UFC Hall of Famer, Liddell is a former light heavyweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

The former fighter has faced off against some of the world’s most talented and toughest competitors during his career, scoring a multitude of highlight reel finishes along the way. While Liddell has since hung up his gloves, it would appear that the UFC Hall of Famer is now considering a comeback.

Chuck Liddell is a cast member for Celebrity Big Brother. The show began airing on CBS on Feb. 7, offering fans of the series a season of celebrity encounters. During a recent episode, Liddell offered his thoughts on a possible MMA comeback.

“It’s a fight where I could come back and see where I’m at.” Liddell said. “I beat him, maybe I’ll fight a couple more times. If I don’t, then I’ll probably go ‘Well, I probably shouldn’t have came back.’

“But, I still will walk away with $500,000.”

Check out Chuck Liddell’s full thoughts in the video below:

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