The Diaz Brothers vs. The Guida Brothers Happened Backstage At A UFC Event

The teams for UFC warriors Nate Diaz and Clay Guida once entered a brawl backstage.

At UFC 199, Guida and his team crossed paths with Nate Diaz. After a heated verbal exchange between the men, the two men’s teams entered a physical altercation. Justin Buchholz, coach to Clay Guida, offered a breakdown of the situation on the hit podcast Stud Radio.

Check out Buchholz’s explanation of the story below:

“After Clay got stopped, the doctor is running in and whatever else,” Buchholz said. “They keep you out of the cage and everything. I turn around and the stool… one of the UFC stools — they have like four stools for people to sit on — was just shattered in like six pieces. So, Jason [Guida] grabbed it and ripped it to shreds or he slammed it, I don’t know, but you know his brother just got fucking stopped so he’s just flying off the handle, like emotional.

“This is where things get interesting. As Guida and his corner were making their way back, they ran into Nate Diaz who was there to promote his upcoming fight at UFC 202 with Conor McGregor. We were walking in the back after and Clay was in front of everyone. It was Clay, Danny [Castillo], Jason, then me. I was in the back walking Clay in after the fight. Nate had come out of a bathroom in the hallway. Clay said something to him, but Clay was just discombobulated at that time, too. He just said something to Nate. He was all like, ‘Ah man, I’m gonna fuck you up again!’ or something like that.

“I didn’t see what Nate did but Danny told me Nate kinda smiled. Like, ‘What mother fucker? You joking?’ ‘Cause like, there’s no reason for this shit to go down like this. Then fucking Jason and Nate got into it, I don’t know what happened but Jason bull-rushes Nate and tries to put him against the wall. Nate’s got him in the clinch — Like fifty people from the UFC come rushing into this thing. And I’m staying in the middle, like, ‘NO!’”

“It’s going down, like Clay’s grabbing Jason, a bunch of people are grabbing Nate, trying to fucking kill each other for a good thirty seconds. Forty seconds. They get broken up. Clay’s got Jason. People got Nate. I’m standing there. I’m looking at Nate, like, ‘(Expletive).’ We’re not trying to (expletive) fight. I don’t know what the hell happened. He dropped one of those shirts that said, ‘I’m not surprised mother (expletive)’ and there’s a picture of Nate and ‘209’ on it. I grab his shirt and go, ‘Here’s your shirt!’ He grabs his shirt, goes out, sits in the crowd.”

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