Gina Carano Is Absolutely Heart Broken Over Loss Of Best Friend

Gina Carano has gone to social media to share a heart breaking message with her fans. The trailblazing mixed martial artist is now mourning the death of her pet dog.

Taking to Instagram, Carano revealed that her pitbull Layla has passed away. Check out the former fighter’s statement on the matter down below:

“We lost our precious baby girl today. From the moment I got her it was a love at first sight… she was an 8 month old rescue #pitbull.. I’d never put my face close to any dog face just out of respect and precaution, but when I met her.. there was zero resistance, she was mine and I was hers. Her soulmate Gatti passed a couple years ago.

“They were soulmates from the beginning, well, after the first 10 minutes of her trying to kill him.. ☺️ but then they were inseparable.. had each other’s back no matter what came through the door. They have protected me from intruders, probably saved my life more than I even know. They would laid next to me every time my heart was broken, they destroyed a couple couches and yards in their earlier years but they made up with it through the crazy amount of love and loyalty they gave us.

“In her last moments today she had tears coming out of her eyes, as we did.. she was sad to leave us but there was a peace, now she will be able to rest.. and that gives me a sense of happiness for her. She passed so gracefully but she was just as sad as us to leave. I could barely stand letting her go but as I sit here with swollen eyes and a whiskey looking through these precious photos and memories she gave us.. all I can think is.. Layla and Gatti you were two of a kind and you taught me how to love more than most humans have ever been able to and I cherish and thank you for that. RIP my precious baby girl.

“You were graceful till your last breath. I’ll carry you with me McNugget. Say hello to Gatti for us. Kevin Ross @dasoulassassin you were the best father to these two. I’m so blessed to have shared them with you.”

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