Nate Diaz Sparks Up A Joint On FOX, From The UFC Stands In Texas

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was in Austin, Texas on Sunday, Feb. 18, for the promotion’s latest highly anticipated fight card. UFC Fight Night 126 went down inside the Frank Erwin Center, offering fight fans a series of exciting octagon performances. That being said, there was one moment outside of the octagon that caught many fans’ attention.

UFC superstar Nate Diaz announced his intentions to return to the octagon earlier this year, to the excitement of fight fans worldwide. While the Stockton, California native did not compete on the night’s card. Diaz was in the Frank Erwin Center to watch the great fight card among his fans.

When the camera spotted the UFC Superstar, Nate Diaz used his unique charisma to steal the attention of the crowd. The fighter revealed what appeared to be a joint. Diaz then placed the rolled joint in his mouth and began to light the substance before the camera panned away.

Nate Diaz and his older brother Nick Diaz are both advocates for the use of cannabis, leading some to suspect the contents of the joint. At any rate, the UFC superstar certainly drew the attention of the Austin crowd for his moment of screen time.

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