Nick Diaz Got Jumped By Group Of Men In Las Vegas

Mixed martial arts veteran Nick Diaz has climbed his way to superstar status through years of highly intense match ups and stunning performances. That being said, all of Diaz’s confrontations have not taken place inside the cage.

As reported by TMZ Sports, Nick Diaz was once involved in a large brawl at a night club. Diaz reportedly stumbled into a fellow party goer by accident from inside the bathroom.

Diaz reportedly told the soon smack talking individual that he did not wish to start anything. However, the individual was soon joined by three other men that all decided to jump the UFC veteran.

Diaz revealed that he does not believe the men were aware who they were dealing with. “I didn’t start it. They didn’t know who I was.” Diaz said.

The party goers were eventually escorted off the premises and Diaz decided to not press charges. The fighting phenom stated, “They got the worst of it.”

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