“Oh Hey Booty!” Paige VanZant’s New Photos — You Are Welcome!

UFC flyweight Paige VanZant has taken the internet by storm once again. This time around, the mixed martial arts phenom has decided to offer a simple message to her fans, “Oh hey booty.”

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is home to some of the world’s toughest and most talented mixed martial artists. As the world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion, this is perhaps no surprise.

Many fighters that make their way onto the UFC roster manage to cultivate massive followings of dedicated fight fans during their tenure with the promotion. Among them, Paige VanVant often takes to social media to share her latest training sessions and various adventures with her bevy of followers.

Taking to Instagram, “12 Gauge” most recently offered her fans a stunning photo of herself. Within the post, VanZant simply stated “Oh hey booty.”

Check it out below:

Here is a bonus collection of some of VanZant’s greatest hits:

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