After Refusing To Save UFC 222, Dillashaw May Have Blown Super Fight With “Mighty Mouse”

If history has taught us anything, it’s that the UFC loves to reward fighters who step up to the plate when called upon. At the same time, they dislike it when their requests are denied.

UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw was expected to fight Demetrious Johnson in a super-fight, as he attempted to make his way down to be a two division world champion.

Then, the UFC called him to save the March 3 UFC 222 event, and rematch Cody Garbrandt on short notice.

He declined … And is now likely going to pay the price for it.

For his part, Cody Garbrandt accepted the short notice main event, and will likely get rewarded for it.

The UFC is in super-fight mode in 2018, as evidenced by the D.C. vs. Miocic booking.

And while Cris Cyborg was looking to face Amanda Nunes in another champion vs. champion fight, the fact the she agreed to do what Dillashaw wouldn’t, and save UFC 222 on short notice, means that that fight is likely still on for this summer.

Dillashaw though, may be out in the cold and forced to take the fight against Cody Garbrandt that he recently refused.

That’s the word on the streets anyways, and UFC president Dana White didn’t do much to dispel these rumors while on FOX last night.

When asked about Dillashaw vs. Johnson, Dana White stated, “I don’t know man, these two are all over the place… If that fight doesn’t happen, people would love to see Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw do it again”

We’ve timestamped Dana White’s remarks on the fight in the video player below:


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