Jon Jones’ Testimony At Today’s Hearing, Admits His Management Forged Documents And More

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has put on a storied career in the sport of mixed martial arts. However, the former UFC title holder has now faced a difficult moment for his fighting future.

Jon Jones has cultivated controversy throughout his career, through multiple drug test failures and run ins with the law. The fighter has even been stripped of his UFC title on three different occasions.

Most recently, the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) held the case of Jon Jones’ failed drug test from UFC 214. After hearing the fighter’s plea, CSAC found Jones guilty of intentionally using performance enhancing drugs.

Jones has been fined the maximum total of $200,000 and his license to copmete has been revoked. Jones can not apply for a new license until May 2019.

During the case hearing, Jon Jones was asked by an athletic commissioner of California if he took the required online courses to become certified with USADA. Jon Jones expressed an interest in honesty and revealed that he had in fact not taken the courses.

The commissioner then revealed that Jon Jones’ signature was on three separate documents that each claimed the fighter had completed the courses. Jon Jones then revealed that the documents were signed by his management and that he never even saw the documents.

The commissioner doubled down, asking Jones if in fact the signatures on the three documents were forged. Jones replied that they were forged.

Beyond that, USADA has yet to render a verdict on Jones’s case. USADA could suspend Jones for up to six years. Check out a clip from Jones’ recent hearing in the video below:

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