Tito Ortiz Leaves No Doubt, He’s Ready, Willing, And Able To Fight Chuck Liddell

Former UFC light heavyweight champions and mixed martial arts legends Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz have been firing their heated rivalry back up in hopes of a possible trilogy rematch for the ages. Now Ortiz has decided to keep the exchange going with a new response to the latest message from his adversary.

Tito Ortiz recently revealed an interest in pulling himself out of retirement for a trilogy rematch against “The Iceman.” Liddell has defeated Ortiz in both of their previous match ups.

Liddell has since responded, claiming he is interesting in the match up but will only believe it “when he actually shows up to the fight.” Ortiz was pulled from a possible match up against Liddell in the past, adding to the bad blood between the fighters.

Tito Ortiz has since come forward with a response. Check out what the former title holder had to say in the post below:

“@chuckliddell if I show up?? With age you seem to forget! Just so we remember @danawhite pulled me out of the fight. I’ve never had a fair shake against you because you were Dana’s boy. Now things have changed.

“Past few days @chuckliddell has said on many interviews (TMZ) and other media sources that @titoortiz1999 backed out of there trilogy fight back in 2010 and that he is a “COWARD”. #1 – TITO was asked to leave the TUF show to have surgery on his neck by DANA WHITE.

“Tito is no coward and “did not” willingly back out of the trilogy fight. Chuck has publicly stated he wants to come out of retirement and fight Tito. This video proof shows TITO is not a coward and is ‘valid proof’ he was asked to leave the show and replaced a week later by Rich Franklin who went on to beat Chuck as Tito’s replacement at UFC 115 in Vancouver, British Colombia.”

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