The UFC Gets Rid Of Reebok Pay

Back in 2015, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) landed an outfitting deal with Reebok. As a result, the sports apparel company has exclusive rights to outfitting fighters inside the octagon. With that in mind, it would appear that the world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion is now making a few changes to their Reebok payout policy.

As part of the UFC’s deal with Reebok, fighters are compensated by the sports apparel company for their performances inside the octagon. The pay is dictated by the number of performances the fighter has achieved under the UFC, the Zuffa-era of the WEC and the Zuffa-era of Strikeforce.

However, some slight changes have since been made to the process. As reported by MMA Fighting, the Reebok payout policy has been altered to include conduct, media obligations and outfitting.

Rather than titled Reebok pay or outfitting pay, fighters will now receive “fight week incentive payments” for abiding by the three new required regiments. The new policy went into effect Jan. 1, 2018.

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