If Woodley Only Wants Fame, RDA Suggests He Fights Justin Bieber — Wins Today’s Internet

In a brand new first in MMA, former UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos won today’s internet with an amazing diss.

That’s right fight fans, the rarely clever Brazilian welterweight came up with a winner, in his latest spat with UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

Tyron Woodley has been clamoring for a household name opponent so he can build up his own name, and Nate Diaz was at the top of his list.

Rafael dos Anjos though, was offered his own title shot after defeating Tyron Woodley.

The two have been clashing periodically over a potential fight, and when things spilled over on twitter today, RDA closed the show.

Check it out:

Awesome, right?

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