The WWE Just Released Ronda Rousey’s Pro-Wrestling Training Footage, And She’s Friggin Awesome!

Former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has not competed inside the octagon since 2016. After going on a two fight losing streak, the trailblazing mixed martial artist has decided to focus her energy in other ventures for the time being.

Most recently, Rousey made her long rumored WWE debut. On Jan. 28, the WWE held the first ever women’s Royal Rumble in Philadelphia.

Sporting WWE legend Roddy Piper’s iconic leather jacket and walking out to the sound of Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation,” Rousey shocked the crowd by storming the ring to make her debut with her intimidating presence.

Now Rousey is gearing up for her “contract signing” event that will take place Sunday, Feb. 25. The event will signify Rousey’s new place on Monday Night Raw. Ahead of the highly anticipated moment, the WWE has released a hype video for the former UFC bantamweight champion.

Check out some of Ronda Rousey’s professional wrestling training in the video below:

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