3 Million Views And Counting, As Man Gets KO’d Twice In Viral Street Fight Clip

High school can be a tough place to fit in. For some, the schoolyard can become downright dangerous. Now a video of two students throwing down in a street fight is making its way around the internet. This time around, one unfortunate classmate suffered a brutal beatdown that ended in a tough knockout loss.

In the video above, two men can be seen having a physical altercation. The man in the grey shirt simply put on a dominant performance over the other man, beating him to the ground multiple times.

The man in the grey shirt can first be seen pummeling his opponent from mount position. However, the man on bottom eventually escaped the dangerous situation and made it back to his feet.

From there, the man in the grey shirt punished his opponent with another flurry of strikes. His opponent tore off his shirt and ran towards the man in an attempt to retaliate, but was met with a fight ending punch that sent the man to the ground.

Check it out in the video above.

The clip has since reached over three million views over social media, leading to a new massively viral fight video.

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