Steroid Ring Leader Confesses To Selling PEDs To Multiple Well Known UFC And Strikeforce Fighters

A collection of world class mixed martial artists have been outed for possible connections to a multi-million dollar steroid distribution ring. Now former Wellness Fitness Nutrition CEO Richard Rodriguez has come forward with details.

Richard Rodriguez is currently in prison while under investigation for the involvement in a massive international steroid distribution ring. The CEO’s organization was raided by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration early in 2017 concerning involvement in the ring.

From prison, Rodriguez recently held a phone interview with reporter Jon Bravo. Within the interview, the former CEO revealed details concerning his involvement and the clients in which he did business with.

Rodriguez first revealed that he was selling his products to a number of WWE stars, including former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. The former CEO explained that the dealings quickly evolved into a massive business. Within the realm of the WWE, Rodriguez would go on to out Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, John Cena and Steve Austin as clients.

“What is crazy is that within the short period of one year of working with them in what had initially just involved videos and online endorsements by them had blew up into hundreds of thousands of dollars in orders.” Rodriguez stated.

While Rodriguez used agent and wrestling promoter Rick Bassman, Mark Bell, Chris Bell and Stan Efferding in large to gain connections within the world of the WWE, the former CEO also had other ways of getting attention from notable mixed martial artists.

Mixed martial arts veteran and former Strikeforce competitor Daniel Puder was first outed by Rodriguez as being the businessman’s primary connection to fighters within the sport. Puder was revealed to have been on commission and salary for Rodriguez, with the job of gaining new clients for the alleged ring.

“He was more of a part-time working sales strategists that I brought on board to more effectively manage the company’s growing WWE list of clients, but also to market other industries like the UFC and public figures he worked with. He was the one that brought people like Dan Bilzerian and others.”

“That’s not to leave out that he was also generously rewarded for his efforts too.” Rodriguez continued.

Jon Bravo then asked for Rodriguez to confirm that Puder was being financially compensated for bringing in high profile clients including other MMA fighters, to which the former CEO confirmed without hesitation. Among those implicated as clients to Rodriguez’s business, Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley were mentioned.

The investigation of this multi-million dollar steroid distribution ring and the alleged involvement of Richard Rodriguez is still ongoing.

Check out Jon Bravo’s initial interview with Richard Rodriguez down below:

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