Conor McGregor’s “Touch Butt” Coach Has Booked His MMA Fighting Debut

Ido Portal is a movement training coach that quickly became infamously known as Conor McGregor’s “tough butt” coach. Now the man has come forward to announce that he is preparing for his first ever mixed martial marts match.

Ido Portal is a coach to UFC superstar Conor McGregor. Under Portal, “Notorious” hones his skills in dexterity and footwork.

However, Portal gained some infamy following a famous trash-talking from McGregor’s rival and fellow UFC superstar Nate Diaz. Diaz referred to McGregor’s training with Portal as “touch butt in the park.”

Now the alleged “touch butt” coach has taken to Twitter to reveal that he is training for his first mixed martial arts match. Check it out below:

“I would like to announce that I am officially training for my first MMA bout!!”

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