Paige VanZant Shares Sexy Photo Of Her Man, And Her Fans Are On The Fence

Women’s UFC flyweight Paige VanZant has cultivated a collection of fight fans over the years. At the young age of 23-years-old, the fighting phenom has already put on an illustrious career under the banner of the world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion.

Consequently, the MMA warrior has a dedicated following of fight fans to keep up to date on her latest training sessions and various adventures. Newly engaged to fellow mixed martial artist Austin “AK-47” Vanderford, Paige VanZant recently decided to offer her fight fans a sexy photo of her fiance.

Check it out below:

However, the photo has since come under some criticism from fight fans. Many of the comments to the social media post have since come under fire with seemingly mean spirited messages from the fighter’s followers.

While this message seems to have received a mixed response, here is a bonus gallery of some of the latest internet breaking posts from “12 Gauge”:

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