A Review Of The New Conor McGregor Burger King Burger

UFC superstar Conor McGregor has not entered the octagon since his two brutal wars with Nate Diaz back in 2016. That being said, “Notorious” has been keeping busy in other ways.

McGregor made his professional boxing debut back in 2017, facing off against undefeated pugilist legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. inside the squared circle of the T-Mobile Arena on Aug. 26. In the end, Mayweather earned a TKO finish over the fighter in the tenth round.

Still, McGregor earned the payday of his career with an estimated $100 million gained from his performance. With that in mind, McGregor recently locked in a promotional deal with fast food titan Burger King.

“Notorious” has his own Burger King commercial, in which the UFC lightweight champion can be heard representing the fast food chain’s new spicy chicken sandwich. In order to evaluate McGregor’s new sandwich, one MMAImports.com reporter decided to try one for themselves.

Here is the review:

The Burger King spicy chicken sandwich promoted by none other than UFC megastar Conor McGregor was a surprise, perhaps much like the Irish native was for many fight fans early in his career. At $4.49, the sandwich is small.

But, it packs a lot of punch. The chicken is not stunningly hot, but provides a bit of a kick for warm flavor. The spices are baked within the batter, rather than simply dosed on top of the meat.

The bun is crispy, while the meat patty offered a satisfying texture. The sandwich shared the same marketable appearance as many of Burger King’s sandwiches.

The disadvantages are perhaps obvious. It is a fast food quality meal, offering much room for improvement in most areas. The burger is rather small, leaving a single sandwich as far from enough.

With that in mind, McGregor’s newly promoted spicy chicken sandwich is perhaps a decent bang for your buck if you are considering stopping at a fast food window anytime soon.

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