Rogan Reacts To The Trouble Joey Diaz Got Himself Into For Those Lewd Mackenzie Dern Comments

Yesterday comedian Joey Diaz went viral for a lewd statement he made about UFC newcomer Mackenzie Dern.

The comments made sent the internet in an uproar. So much so that it became a topic of discussion on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

In his original comments Joey Diaz stated,

“Mackenzie Derns asshole is going to smell tremendous after the fight”

Following the statement, former UFC fighter and ADCC champion Vinny Magalhaes offered a lewd response to Diaz.

“I bet it will also be tasty!”

Diaz then showed his approval of the fighter’s message with another statement.

“That’s why I love you Professor”

Once the commotion was fully stirred, Diaz then took to his social media to clarify the comments, stating,

I’m Husband, a Father but most importantly a man. I will say things in the heat of comedic passion that not everyone will like……out of respect to my hero’s… Bruce, Pryor, Rogan, Hicks, Burr, Kinison, Kearns, Vos……….I’ll never apologize for a joke……..

I’m trying to raise a daughter I would never mean to disrespect you or any other woman

Here’s Joe Rogan’s take:

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