Stephan Bonnar Physically Attacks Fan At Comedy Club

MMA’s resident comedian, Adam Hunter hosts a popular podcast titled, ‘MMA Roasted’.

On a new episode of his show, he talks about a recent incident involving UFC Hall-Of-Fame fighter Stephan Bonnar.

Hunter has gotten the likes of Tyron Woodley, and other high-caliber UFC fighters to dabble in stand-up comedy in Las Vegas, and apparently Bonnar’s recent introduction into the comedy world wasn’t without some controversy.

Adam Hunter recounts a story of a drunken fan, telling Bonnar that he sucked, and then getting tossed on the ground with some crazy Steven Seagal type moves from the former UFC star.

Here’s Adam’s story:

“At the end of the show, everyone was taking pictures, we’re in the green room… People are leaving, it’s just me Stephan and this guy Mike Hammer who’s a magician.”

“So, this chubby drunk guy makes his way into our conversation, like, into our circle. And Stephan is telling this story about fighting Anderson Silva in Brazil, getting popped for steroids, and all this shit, right.”

“And the guy is like, ‘Man, you were the UFC, you and Forrest. It’s you. You’re the UFC … But your comedy sucked. You sucked tonight.'”

“So, I go up to the guy and I’m like, ‘Listen man, it was his first time on stage. He didn’t suck. And second of all, who the fuck are you? Just get away’.”

“So, Stephan walks away…”

“And then the guy is following Stephan going, ‘Man just go back to fighting’.”

“So, I walk away, and this guy puts his hand on Stephan, like on his back. Stephan takes the guy’s arm. Does some Steven Seagal wrist lock throw. The guy goes 180 all the way up in the air, and lands on his fucking back.”

“And Stephan’s like, ‘Who fucking sucks now!'”

“So, I’m like ‘Stephan, get off him, get off him.'”

“The guy was so fucking scared, they run out.”


Here’s the full replay of the podcast:

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