Former Training Partner Latest To Call Conor McGregor A Big Time Cokehead

When former UFC two division champion Conor McGregor attacked the UFC 223 fighter transport bus, many started questioning the UFC star’s sobriety.

UFC president Dana White was the first to question whether or not his biggest star is on drugs. Then, several UFC Fighters chimed in calling Conor McGregor a cokehead.

Then, it was Joe Rogan that said Conor McGregor’s attack on the bus was a “cocaine move”.

Now, former McGregor training partner, a man who spent time inside a fight camp with Conor McGregor is saying that the UFC star is a bigtime cokehead.

And, while, this training partner is McGregor rival Paulie Malignaggi, he knows Conor better than you, me and the majority of the world.

Here’s what Paulie had to say:

“The only thing he’s knocking down these days are metal beams and poles. He’s not knocking down human beings, I promise you that. Not with that bitch ass power.”

“If this was just a one time thing, I’d say maybe he had a bad day. But, he jumped in the cage at Bellator. Then he got into that whole brawl in that bar in Ireland… And now [the bus attack]. So, I think when you put it together, I don’t think it’s out of line to think this guy’s a pretty big cokehead”

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