Joe Rogan Is Absolutely Disgusted With Conor McGregor

Longtime UFC commentating veteran Joe Rogan has come forward with his thoughts on the recent incident concerning UFC megastar Conor McGregor. To the veteran color-commentator, the fracas was a “disgrace.”

Conor McGregor made a surprise visit at the Barclays Center on Thursday, April 7, with a large entourage. The group ventured backstage of the center and allegedly attacked a bus filled with fighters set to compete at UFC 223.

Multiple individuals were injured in the fracas, including Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg. McGregor has since been charged with three misdemeanor counts of assault and a felony count of criminal mischief.

Speaking on the live broadcast of UFC 223 on Saturday, April 7, Joe Rogan offered his thoughts on the incident.

“It’s a disgrace… It’s crazy, it’s pathetic, it’s disgusting. I hate it. I hate that it happened caused by a guy I love. I’m a giant Conor McGregor fan. To see him step out this badly, really, really upsets me.”

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