Jon Jones Just Destroyed His ‘D*ck Sized Bitch’ Tyson Griffin … Hard!

Despite all of Jon Jones’ mess ups since becoming a UFC champion, Conor McGregor’s antics this week may have trumped him.

Jon Jones has long been the UFC’s bad boy, and his rap sheet is long.

However, Jones has never caused injury to a fellow UFC fighter, and he’s never impacted an entire fight card with a full scale assault on a UFC event.

In the aftermath of Conor McGregor’s tumultuous week, former UFC lightweight fighter Tyson Griffin decided to crack jokes on Jones and Jon totally snapped.

Check it out:

Well there goes @TheNotoriousMMA lossing his @BurgerKing deal faster than @JonnyBones lost his @Nike deal!! Or did he?? More[money]more problems

@TysonGriffin my dream was to be sponsored by Nike as a high school wrestler, became an adult and made it happen. Even had my own sneaker which sold out within a day.

@TysonGriffin What ever happened with your Nike deal, I don’t remember. I’ll wait…

@TysonGriffin You can tell by the tone of your tweet that you’re happy Connor may be losing his deal. Disguise yourself as an MMA coach or a MMA personality, I just see a bitter bitch who’s the size of my dick


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