Jon Jones Just Ridiculed Alexander Gustafsson For Thinking He Wins In Rematch

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones may be stuck in career limbo, following his latest infraction with drug testers. But, he’s not short on getting called out by the absolute best fighters the UFC has to offer.

Daniel Cormier has many times stated that he wants a third fight with his career nemesis, and former UFC title challenger Alexander Gustafsson is in line right behind D.C.

Gustafsson has recently been on the campaign trail for a Jon Jones rematch. He’s said multiple times recently that if Jon is suspended from MMA for an extended period, that he’d happily face his rival in the boxing ring.

Now, Jon Jones has responded to Gustafsson.

Check it out:

@AlexTheMauler Beat me in three? Your hands were the only thing you had over me in our first fight. That gap is closing fast. Our first fight will be the greatest thing you’ve ever done inside of that octagon. You will never beat me, that’s my promise to you.

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